What would b a goodtreatment 2 bcome pregnant? I've had 3 pregnancies 2 live births. Y can't I get pregnant again? I've been trying for 5 yrs.?

5 yr infertility. Infertility for 5 years is very abnormal under any situation. You need to get an evaluation by a fertility specialist. You could have any of the problems that cause infertility in women who never had a baby. Fortunately, we are very successful these days. Your age will play a big role in the success rates. Good luck.
See a doc. You need to see a doctor for a work up for your infertility. Given that you have 2 kids from your prior pregnancies, you may be able to concieve. However, other factors such as age, partner's fertility, etc can play a role in conception. A doctor's evaluation can help you sort these issues out and make sense of things.