Whats the best types of food or drink if your kidneys seem to be hurting?

Need evaluation. Avoid foods or drinks with caffeine or alcohol. You need to be evaluated to determine why the kidneys hurt. There may be an obstruction or infection. See a urologist.
Best fluid. Water - everyone (average 70 kg person) should drink enough water to produce 2 quarts or urine a day: otherwise you are clinically "dehydrated." (actual fluid intake varies between individuals based on activity/climate/exertion/....).
Kidney pain. Best intervention is high fluid intake - 4 liters per day of water, supplemented with lemonade one quart per day and or lemon extract from ReaLemon 4 tablespoons per day. Avoid animal protein. Avoid animal fats Take in more plant fats. Avoid simple sugar. Eat complex carb from colored fruit and vegetables.