Right when I was gonna take a pregnancy test that's when I started bleeding like a normal period. I had spottings for 2days before I bleeded. Cramps to?

Probably normal. If you are all concerned, take a urine pregnancy test. Most of the time, it is just a late menstrual cycle.
What is the question. Were you late for your period? By how many days/weeks? Was your pregnancy test positive? It may just be a late pariod due to delayed ovulation. Do you usually have cramps with your period? If so then this would be normal.

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Four days late. Noticed slight bleeding today; significantly less than my normal period. Pregnancy test is negative. Am I likely pregnant?

Sounds like no. Your pregnancy test is negative indicating that you are not pregnant. If you do not believe the results you can repeat it in a few days. If you would like better menstrual cycle control consider one of the many birth control options. Read more...
Possibly ,repeat tes. If negative, make an appointment with your gynecologist.You may have a cyst or some hormonal disturbance. Read more...