I work outside all day and my hands are always really dry, remedy?

Protection. Protection of your skin is key - meaning both gloves to protect from physically abrasive materials like metals, tools, chemicals, etc and protection also with a good moisturizing agent. Choose a quality brand (aquaphor, aveeno, (oatmeal) eucerin, etc) without fragrances and apply liberally to hands multiple times daily. Auto & home repair stores also sell various barrier cream/paste products that may help.
Hand dryness. This may depend on the source of the dryness. If you work outside, you may be washing the hands frequently, that being a source of the dryness. Certain chemicals can cause dryness. Fungal infections can cause the hands to crack and peel. The initial treatment would be a simple trial of frequent use of hand lotion containing aloe and lanolin (if you're not allergic) after hand washing.