What is the treatment for pseudoseizures?

Therapy. Pseudoseizures are classified in a group of disorders called conversion disorders. Although your symptoms are very real, there is no physical basis for them. Often the symptoms of conversion disorders are caused by stress. The best treatment is counseling/therapy to help you deal withn the stressors in your life.
Psychiatric care. Often, a person with pseudo seizures may also have real, clinical seizures as well. One needs to determine the secondary gain, if possible for the person to have pseudoseizures. I would seek out a board certified psychiatrist for this work. It can be a very difficult situation.
Therapy. Pseudoseizures are bodily actions or activity that mimic true seizure behavior but are not triggered by changes evidenced on seizure testing such as brain waves like an eeg. As such, these pseudoseizures will not typically respond to anti seizure medications and thus counseling and therapy play the greatest role in determining why these actions are happening and how to reduce their frequency.