Had STD got treated had it for a while. Can I get my tubes check to make sure they still there? And they wrk? To make sure I can have baby? Any test

No guarantee. An x-ray procedure showing tubes are open is no guarantee they will work if they are. Many who have STD's treated will not have tube damage, but any damage could lead to poor function without full blockage. You may want to wait until you have trouble conceiving to do all the testing. There are ways to bypass tubes through IVF, to have kids.
Are tubes open? The test to check if the tubes are open is called a hysterosalpingogram (hsg for short). It is a type of x-ray. A doctor puts a speculum in the vagina, inserts a catheter in the cervix, and then squirts dye in the uterus. Then they watch the dye leak out of the tubes by x-ray. It is very crampy!