My 2year old has a bad temper problem what can or should I do?

Tantrum tips. Temper tantrums are a normal behavior in toddlers. Tips to help prevent tantrums: 1/ maintain a schedule and consistent routine so your child can predict the day’s activities. 2/ reward her for positive behavior and praise her when she is doing well, “nice job sharing your toys.” 3/ when tantrums occur, help her redirect by substituting a desired activity, for example read a book together.
Another Approach. Another approach is to put the child in a safe place, such as a play pen, walk away and ignore the tantrum. Then as soon as it is over, give the baby a hug to reinforce good behavior. Ignoring tantrums appears to be the best way to minimize them.
All good answers! Effective time-out (t-o) = walk him from behind to t-o without talking or showing anger as many times as he leaves t-o + 1; when he stays put, set the timer for 1 minute/year of age. Walk him out of time out when done. The behavior will get worse at first, as he tests to see if he can get you to engage. If you ignore it consistently, it'll go away. Frequently reward behaviors you want. See below.