Is there any link to pcos and hellp? Ttc for 2 yr, got pregnant with metformin, emergency C-section at 26 weeks due to severe hellp. 25% of reccura

Yes, not METFORMIN. Diabet med. 2004 aug;21(8):829-36. Metformin, pre-eclampsia, and pregnancy outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Conclusions: metformin is not associated with pre-eclampsia in pregnancy in women with pcos, and appears to be safe for mother and fetus. Women with pcos do have Insulin resistance and may also be obese. These are risk factors for preeclampsia - all types.
No. No real risk of pcos and hellp directly. However, often women with pcos are overweight. Being overweight increases the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension (pih). Hellp is a severe form of pih. With that, given hellp at 26 weeks, you are at a severe risk of recurrence, and if it recurs, it is often earlier in the next pregnancy.
Hellp. What if i want to get pregnant again? If you had hellp syndrome in one pregnancy, you could have it again. You also have a higher chance of getting preeclampsia. Before you get pregnant again, see your doctor or nurse for a checkup. A previous history of preeclampsia or hellp is a risk factor for hellp syndrome.A variety of genetic variants associated with an increased risk of hellp.
Yes. . Combination of pcos possible gestational diabetes can to lead to the development early onset of preeclampsia and possible hellp syndrome.
An association. There is an increase risk of pre-eclampsia with the first pregnancy regardless of the factor of PCOS. PCOS also is associated with preterm delivery, autism in children and other endocrinopathies that would have to be watch during the pregnancies.
None found yet. Pcos is very common and is associated with infertility but i haven't seen any association with hellp.