Related Questions

Blood pressure last night my dad felt dizzy and blood present was 138 and 100. He has high blood pressure history. What can we do to help lower?

Need to see Dr. If you mean his BP was 138/100, that should not have caused dizziness at that level in someone w/high bp, so should see dr for exam / testing to identify what is cause and to get BP med rx. Home/self-treatment very unlikely to get that range BP to normal levels. Good luck!

My dad has high blood pressure. He has started getting big itchy welts- not bug bites. Could this be because of the high blood pressure?

No, but... It could be due to the blood pressure meds he's taking. What you're describing could be unrelated, but it could also be a side effect of certain meds, particularly Hydralazine which is often used for BP treatment.

My mom has high blood pressure and my dad suffers from low blood pressure. What are the chances of either me or my brother getting it?

Let me explain. High blood pressure can run in families. People can inherit genes that make them more likely to develop the condition. The risk for high blood pressure can increase even more when heredity is combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking cigarettes and eating a poor diet. A permanently low blood pressure may be inherited. So that mother as well as daughter is affected frequently.