Other than using a neti-pot, what else can I do to handle the effects the super high pollen in the air write now Allergies?

Xlear. Is a natural nose spray containing Xilitol. This breaks up the biofilm in the sinus areas as well as rinsing them out. Pleasant tasting also. Peace and good health.
Automate the process. NAVAGE is a commercial battery powered devise that mimics the neti-pot function. You can purchase a set on line from Amazon or their website. It uses saline pods mixed in the device chamber. Nasal prongs push/suction the saline through your nasal passages over about a minute. For some it works well, others find it irritating to the nasal passages. .
HEPA filters. Using HEPA filters in your home, closing windows, reducing the humidity at home, and wearing a mask are other additional options. Here's a good article that covers those in detail: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/8611-environmental-management-for-allergies. Good luck.
High pollen count . Apart from local environmental control at home, office, car, and wearing masks, closing Windows, using filters, extensive irrigation of your upper respiratory tract, you can seek professional help by seeing am allergist, if you have access to one, check aaaai.org or acaai.org for an alkergist in your area, if you already seen one, revisit or, seek a second opinion, it's your right, good luck .
Limit exposure. Local environmental control at home, office, car, and wearing masks, closing windows, using HEPA filters.