What can u do for chronic back pain?

Treatments. Chronic back pain is usually musculoskeletal and so aggressive therapy is wise - such as physical therapy and/or daily stretching and anti-inflammatory medication. Heat could be used as well to help with muscles. If your pain involves the vertebrae and spinal nerves you may wish to visit a pain management specialist to see if other medications or injections may be helpful.
Treatments. Absolutely agree with dr campbell. Least invasive means of treatment first, then progress til you get resolution. However do not mask the pain with meds nless a short term acute issue. Find the root cause and treat.
Low back pain. Agree most back pain is mechanical and will improve within 8 weeks with nsaids and muscle relaxants. If you have pain which goes into your legs an MRI is warranted. It is possible that you made need epidural steroid or facet injections.