Speech funny eyes blurred then headache first happen I was 19 happen 1 or less times a year since doc said migraine aura, scared there tia stroke?

Migraine with aura. It certainly does sound like a migraine. These are caused from cerebral artery spasm. Usually preceding the onset is a feeling of numbness or tingling in the face, visual scotomata (hazziness, blurring, blinking lights) and speech slurring. This form of migraine is less common and occurs in about 25% of migraineurs. It is important to know what triggered it and address it - food, sleep, water?
Talk toPrimary. You state that it started at 19 and now appears that you are 35.If they have not been increasing it is likely not anything more serious than a migraine.More worrisome if only happening on one side of head but can be 95% 1 side and 5% other not as much problem. Learn triggers and get check up,stop caffeine,no aspartame,can add 400 riboflavon B vitamin a day and 3 mg melatonin at pm but talk to PC.
Agree with Dr. C. What you described is consistent with migraine aura. While these may be scary, these are usually harmless.