I have type one diabetes and my A1c is 5 but im insulin dependent how will that affect trying to get pregnant?

Should be ok. If you maintain good glycemic control, you should not have much trouble conceiving. You will need close follow up during pregnancy because your Insulin requirements will change. You will also need an eye exam.
Should be OK. Your A1c is excellent. Looks like your diabetes is well controlled. The only thing you need to do is make sure the bs continues to be this good during your pregnancy. I see no reason why you can't start trying to conceive.
Fetal > fertility fx. Before trying to conceive, women with type 1 diabetes should do several things. First, see the internist who is helping them manage their diabetes, determine if any tests or treatments are needed, discuss how to maintain optimal control before and during pregnancy. See a maternal-fetal medicine specialist or experienced OB for consultation. Continue or start taking folate (folic acid). Record bs and periods.
Diabetes control. Patient with diabetes should not be worried to try to conceive provided that sugar is controlled and the a1c kept below 5.5.
Iddm. The three major potential fetal/pregnancy complications among women with pregestational diabetes are: congenital malformations, spontaneous abortion, and macrosomia. Hyperglycemia is probably the most important determinant of these risks. Thus, the importance of achieving good glycemic control before conception and maintaining good glycemic control across gestation cannot be overstated.
Good A1c. Often, elevated a1c levels are associated with miscarriage. In addition, elevated glucose levels at the time of conception may increase the chances of a fetal cardiac defect. Often, to tighten the fasting and 2 hour postprandial levels, many docs would recommend regular Insulin on a sliding scale. Also, don't forget to exercise and eat right.
Control is important. Good control is extremely important. A hemaglobin a1c of 5 is excellent. Poor control during early pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects. Generally obs try for tighter control than at other times. You will have an increased risk of a cesarean section and can expect to be monitored much more closely. If you have any diabetes associated eye problems, they can worsen during pregnancy.
Well controlled . If you are well controlled prior to obtaining pregnancy you risk of obtaining pregnancy or having a child with a birth defect is no higher than the general population.