What is your opinion on the HPV vaccine?

I Recommend. Most physicians recommend this vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a review of the adverse events following immunization for Gardasil between 2006 and 2008 and found advere effects similar to those observed for other vaccines. Despite recent concerns about safety, most experts continue to believe that the benefits outweigh risk. My daughters will get it.
It is a marvel. It is marvelous because it has the ability to help protect the safety/ health of our youth.
Good VaccinePrevents. It is a good vaccine and prevents majority of HPV Infections which are responsible for Cancer of Cervix,Vagina,Anus and Mouth Recommended for both Boys and Girls.
Risky, few benefits. This is a very risky vaccine with over 150 children dying from it (and probably many more) and no proven benefits- the infections it prevents is usually mild and self-limited. See http://tinyurl.com/mbzwsh2 In fact, the infections it prevents may be beneficial! See http://tinyurl.com/kux3u3w The vaccine may INCREASE risk of cervical cancer! See http://tinyurl.com/385sl2f See comment for more:

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What's the expert opinion, could the HPV vaccine be given to children as a part of the regular vaccination schedule?

Already recommended. The vaccine is already recommended by the cdc, aap, aafp and acip as part of the routine childhood immunization schedule for both boys/ girls. We give it in our office starting at the 11 y/o well child check. Not many, if any states mandate it for school yet because of its controversy related to it being a vaccine to protect against an infection you get with sex. Get it sooner rather that too late. Read more...