My 32mo son has apraxia of speech. Eeg showed slow brain waves at the back of his brain. What does this mean? Waiting for neuro to set

Try OMT. A trial of osteopathic cranial treatment at that age can have dramatic effects in the hands of a doctor experienced in the treatment of children. has a doctor finder function to locate a doctor near you.
Not significant. At this age eeg is not helpful and should actually show posterior slowing of youth. Most boys this age have trouble producing speech but understand well. This is just a delay in good control of the mouth and is not a significant disability. Apraxia is just a term to describe awkward use of the mouth and tongue. It is a normal phase of speech development is many children.

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My 32mo old son was diagnosed with apraxia of speech. Now EEG showed slow brain waves at the back of his brain. What could cause this?

See neurologist. The EEG does not explain speech disorders, you must see your pediatrician or neurologist for an evaluation.Family history, other medical conditions, birth history, hearing test etc can be relevant. Read more...
Mild disorganization. There have been attempts to understand brain development with EEG for many years. 30 years ago they tried BEAM (brain electrical activity mapping) to diagnose ADHD, dyslexia, etc. we are still in the dark. Receptive language develops better than expressive language in many, especially boys. This can cause difficulty forming words (dyspraxia) as well as stuttering and frustration. Time will help. . Read more...