A coworker swears by warm olive oil for ear infections. Is it safe to pour anything in your ear like that?

It depends. There are times when it could be dangerous, like a perforated ear drum for instance. But for a suspected middle ear infection, this form of treatment has been practiced for centuries and provides relief while the body's mechanisms for dealing with the infection take over. After years of prescribing antibiotics for these, we now know that the majority will heal on their own without drug risks.
Maybe.......... If you are going to put anything into your ear, check to make sure that the temperature will not burn you. Olive oil, baby oil and mineral oil can be used to give temporary symptomatic relief of ear pai. None of them is a treatment, and you would never want to use it if there is a discharge from the ear, suggesting a possible perforation of the ear drum.
NO! I had a patient do this and she burned her ear drum and ear canal... Ultimately she was fine but this is stupid. If you have an ear infection, please see your doctor... Try applying that same rationale to your car that won't start... Pour hot oil in the gas tank. Sounds ridiculous, right? If it is ridiculous for the car....

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4year with ear infection, just after winter flu, placed cotton wool with olive oil in ear. Should I go to doctor or wait and see?

Try this. Read this short article: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/boost-your-immunity-to-beat-cough-cold-this-season/ If symptoms don't improve in 3 days, tehn take him to his PCP; sooner if worse.