How can I treat premature ejaculation, I have 26 years?

A few ways. 1) you can try and have sex again 20 - 30 mins. Later, there may not be premature ejaculation (pe)2nd time around. 2) try and breathe in and out deeply and slowly from onset of arousal 3) withdraw penis at the feeling before ejaculation or if makimally aroused before insertion and squueze glans v. Hard untilfeeling goes 4) try 2% Lidocaine jelly as a numbing agent 5) sex therapist if 1-4 dont work.
Topical Therapy. I agree that sex therapy and antidepressants are options, but topical creams or sprays with Lidocaine can be the most efficient with lower side effects, in general.
Meds, therapy. Either with sex therapy or with medications such as zoloft (sertraline) or prozac. The other option is topical anesthetic type medications for the head of the penis.