I’m having symptoms of a cranial csf leak again am I at risk of meningitis if I have a very slow intermittent leak?

You are always at. risk for infection, even of the meninges in the brain, if there is a barrier leak. Keep a close eye on the symptoms of meningitis that are different from that of CSF leak (fever primarily). and don't hesitate to see a healthcare provider if you suspect something is wrong. Thanks for trusting in Healthtap.
If true, yes. The CSF is an internal fluid that is supposed to remain inside the confines of the coverings surrounding the brain & spinal cord. Any leak of fluid out, especially to areas like the nasal passages, would be an easy entry portal for germs to get in. It would just be a matter of time until an infection occurs. You could just have a watery nasal discharge, but if you suspect a leak, get fixed. .