Cycle day 12 first day of creamy stretchy cm. And cycle day 13 ewcm. Cycle day 14 sticky. Did I ovulate cycle on cycle day 13?

Progesterone testing. Cervical mucous monitoring is useful for some women to detect ovulation. Not all women are able to do it. If you would like official ovulation testing then a Progesterone blood test can be done 7 days after the day you think you ovulated to confirm if ovulation occurred or not. .
Ovulation ? Ovulation mucus is typically clear and occurs mid-cycle when periods are about 28 30 days apart. "Creamy" mucus usually indicates an additional component to the discharge, such as yeast. A more accurate way of detecting ovulation is to obtain a test which is positive with the "surge" of LH , just prior to release of the egg. .