Can the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms or could I be pregnant?

Birth Control Pills. Some birth control pills will cause pregnancy symptoms, especially when starting them for the first time. After a while your body adapts to the pills and these symptoms should go away. Still, if you are concerned, you should get a pregnancy test done to make sure you are not pregnant.

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What would cause my birth control pill to fail and cause pregnancy if taken correctly?

OCP efficacy. 21 year old lady concerned about the efficacy of the oral contraceptive pill. The pill is considered to be 99% effective, but there are certain conditions such as when a woman is taking anticonvulsant medication (tegretol and dilantin) , modafinil, certain antibiotics, obesity, and sometimes even alcohol can effect the efficacy of the pill. Read more...

Can symptoms of pregnancy occur from satrting a new birth control pill?

Yes . Depends on the pill and your sensitivity to the hormones. Some women are more sensitive to hormones in the pills than others. No hormonal contraception may be a better option for those women who can't tolerate hormonal contraception. Read more...