Can I go in a hot tub while pregnant?

Not recommended. A hot tub can raise your body temperature to an unsafe level. Studies have shown an inc. Risk of birth defects in babies exposed to high temps during the first trimester. Overheating can cause your blood pressure to drop, affecting the amount of oxygen your baby is getting. If you must use a hot tub, limit it to 10 mins, lower the temp, avoid the heated water jets, & get out if you feel too hot.
Ask your Ob doctor. Use of hot tubs while pregnant is controversial. One should realize that it is not unusual for your temperature to increase quickly when you are in a hot tub because often your entire body is immersed in a hot tub, but in a bath tub only part of your body is in the tub. Also, water in a hot tub is heated while you are in the tub. One should definitely talk to the doctor before using the hot tub.
Not recommended. Hot tubs raise your body's core temperature which means the baby's temperature will be elevated too. Avoid.