If my baby tugs on his ears does he have an ear infection?

Not necessarily. Babies tug their ears for many reasons, mostly because they are there and are easy to reach! But if the baby pulls her ears at the same time she has a fever or acts sick, then have your doctor look at the ears to see if there is an ear infection present.
Part of cycle. Babies tug at ears for all sorts of reasons - sometimes they are just playing or if very young their hand just reflexively closes around ear when touched. If your child has congestion, fever, crying and constant pulling at ear that's more suspicious. When in doubt make appt with Pedi MD and have it checked out.
Possibly. There are many reasons babies pull their ears. It could be a sign of infection. For some babies it can be simply because they have "found" their ears or for comfort in the same way as sucking their thumb can be comforting. Babies may pull their ears when they are teething. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is with an examination.
Not necessarily. While it's true that some children with ear infections tug on their ears because they hurt, some babies pull on their ears because of ear wax, something itches, or they just discovered their ears were there. Kids with ear infections tend to have a fever, have trouble sleeping because the pain increases when they lie down, and be generally fussy. So look for other clues in addition to tugging.

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My child covers his ears a lot, but he says they don't hurt. Is this a habit or an ear infection?

Could Be Many things. Could be either. Also kids fuss with their ears with teething or dental problems, allergies, oral/throat problems, and sinus trouble among other causes. The only way to be sure is to see the pediatrician.
Hard to know. This is a common symptom reported by parents of children with chronic otitis media (fluid behind the ear drum). I would recommend seeing your pediatrician as a first step and possibly your local ent.

Is it normal for my 7 month old baby to keep pulling at his ears even though he has been in amoxilin for 7 days due to having an ear infection?

Not to worry. Pulling on the ears is a very non-specific phenomenon and does in any way indicate an ear infection. If your doctor has put your child on an antibiotic, it is his (her) responsibility to make sure the diagnosis is correct and that the ear infection has completely cleared. Also, remember that many ear infections are caused by viruses for which there is no specific therapy.
No. Get rechecked for fluid or continued inflammation. May need different antibiotic, or rarely drainage of middle ear- myringotomy.

My 6 month old baby has had 2 ear infections this month and been on anti- he has been pulling his ears and crying don't know what to finish antibiotic?

Ear infections. It is important that your baby finishes the antibiotic. Stay on schedule with this. Make sure he is getting enough fluids. Cuddle him as much as you can. It is hard when babies are sick but stay calm, supportive and patient. Talk to the pediatrician about the frequent ear infections and other possible treatments.

My 10 month old daughter tugs on her ears when she cries. Does this mean she might have an ear infection?

Possible... An ear infection is certainly one possibility - has she had a cold recently or is she running fevers? Other possibilities include teething or even just comfort (meaning she has found her ears and likes to pull them to calm down). If this is new and she has recently had a cold, see her pediatrician so they can look in the ears and give you the real answer.
Yes...but... A study we did during my training showed only 5% of those presenting with the complaint had an ear infection. It is a common issue in that age group as would be teething and colds. (which can produce similar symptoms) The only way to know is to have her seen.

Our 1 1/2 year old has a possible sinus infection and is tugging at her ears with a possible ear infection. Do we need to take her to urgent care?

Mgt. If she is otherwise well and without fever, keep her well hydrated and monitor her temperature before giving her Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin for pain. In the morning, your PCP may be able to see you. If she has a fever, then I would suggest taking her to urgent care.

Could a skin rash indicated a ear infection? 7 month old may have a ear infection, she is tugging at her ear. She has developed a rash all over her body from neck to feet

Is. Is she on any meications for the illness (ear infection)? Is there a fever? Many viruses can also cuase a rash as well as ear infections. Would recommend going to her pediatrician for an evaluation.

How can you tell if your 10 month old infant has an ear infection?

Examination. The only way to be sure a child has an ear infection is to look at the eardrum. See a doc and have this done, if your child is sick, please.

Are breastfed babies less prone to ear infections? Why or why not?

Suckling. Breast feeding does reduce ear infections due to the force needed to nurse from a breast. This suckling helps drain eustachian tubes and is not accomplished by bottle fed babies.