What can I do for my 2 1/2 month year old little girl. She is crying hard when she pass gas. I give her gas relief but she still cry real bad.?

?protien intolerance. Infants often cry when they bear down to pass gas or have a bowel movement, because they dont effectively know how to "push it out". However, an infant with a cow's milk intolerance from mom's breast milk or infant formula, may produce excess gas, increased gas cramps, spits up more immediately after eating or fussy throughout day.. Ask your pediatrician to check on possible protien intolerance.
Constipated? She may be constipated along with having gas. A parent can try to make sure she is well hydrated, adding some fruit juices and vegetables to her diet. If it doesn't get better quickly within a day; or if she develops a fever, becomes lethargic (very tired), or has a painful tummy even when not pooping or passing gas, she should see her doctor right away, to be sure she doesn't have appendicitis.
Diet and belly gas. Some crying is normal in all infants, and babies who cry a lot swallow air, which then increases intestinal gas. Many parents suspect that the baby’s diet contributes to belly gas. If your baby is breast fed, try eliminating dairy foods form your diet and see if her symptoms change. If she is formula fed, talk to her doctor first before you make a change – her overall growth will be evaluated, .