Why is having blood clots in a period a sign of the menopause?

No. The presence of blood clots means only that the bleeding is happening fast enough that blood is able to form clots in the vagina before it comes out, which just means the bleeding is heavy. Some women have heavier bleeding as they near menopause, but clotting is not a sign of menopause per se.
No , not close. Menopause is lack of period for one year, when you are peri-menopausal meaning the yrs before menopause the periods are supposed to space out and become lighter, not heavier, if you have blood clots you need evaluation by your gyn avg age of menopause in us is 51 1/2 yrs.

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Should period blood clots have a meaty texture? Or is having clots like that that are 2" big a bad sign?

Yes, and No. The answer for your first question is yes, because in period blood should contain some endometrial tissue. The answer to your second question is no, because it is normal to have blood clots if the period stay in the uterine cavity for a while. Read more...