I am a growing teen (girl)with a large chest and if I walk around or do work at a desk for to long I get horrendous upper back pain and it burns help?

Good support + more. First, large breasts need good support. Make sure to buy quality bras that fit well (one may have to get them custom made). Physical therapy and appropriate exercise can help strengthen muscles, improve posture, and maintain a healthy weight. Try over-the-counter pain relievers for bad back pain. Finally, breast reduction is an option in the future, but not while the breasts are still growing.
Support bras. After breast size stabilizes for a year, breast reduction surgery should be considered--it will dramatically reduce symptoms, it is usually easy to recovery from, and the results are usually excellent.
See an ASPS plastic. ...Surgeon. Breast reduction may be the only option. Also try a bra the transfers the wt to the lower part of the bra. If you smoke quit immediately.
Try exercise too. I believe in trying to wait on surgery til adulthood, if only because you are still growing and because these decisions can come with a decent degree of second guessing later on. While I have seen good surgery results, a physical therapist may be able to prescribe some good back and abdominal exercises that may also help with the back pain. If those fail, you'll be more confident about surgery.
See Plastic Surgeon. Many young women who have very large breasts benefit from a breast reduction surgery by a plastic surgeon. I have seen this many times and patients are usually very happy with the results. Large breasts can lead to chronic, severe upper back and neck pain.
Breast reduction. You may benefit from a breast reduction. This would make the breasts smaller. Other options would include physical therapy (to help strengthen your back and core muscles), or trying to lose some weight (may decrease breast size somewhat). If none of that works, breast reduction may be the answer. However, there are some risks, too; you would need to consider this carefully.
New breast reduction. Alternative breast reduction techniques may be used that will significantly reduce the amount or scars that are usually associated with this procedure. Seek a local board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in all breast reduction techniques for an evaluation.
Athletic bra. Look at athletic bras specifically made for athletes that compete in high impact sports. These are not the old fashioned bras that smash you down- they even have bras for very large breasts for jogging, etc, with no bounce. Check out www.Titlenine.Com or www.Athleta.Com- that's where i refer my patients.
See your doctor. If you are a teenager with large breasts, back pain, shoulder grooving from the bra straps, and/or skin rashes in the folds, you should see your primary care physician. You may require a work up, x-rays, and physical therapy. Of symptoms don't improve a breast reduction might be indicated.
Get help don't suffe. I would discuss with your pediatrician first regarding your growth curve and ask about postural changes and possible physical therapy. However, i would also ask for the feasibility of a referral to a plastic surgeon for a consultation.
Support breasts. First and foremost, make sure you are supporting your large breasts with bra as much as possible. If you are still growing as a teenager, it will be advisable to wait until the growth has stopped and you could be a great candidate for a breast reduction procedure. This improves your back pain and improves the bra grooves on the shoulders. See your board certified plastic surgeon...
Breast Reduction. It sounds as if your breasts are too large for your body. A breast reduction performed by a plastic surgeon is probably in order. This is the procedure we do that has the highest satisfaction rate. After the surgery, you will most likely have an immediate sense of relief, and your back pain should be significantly improved. A plastic surgeon can best evaluate you this for you.