Hello, I’m in need of a prescription refill?

So call your doctor. This is the HT public forum where volunteer docs answer health questions. We do not refill prescriptions, write notes or otherwise treat anyone. State medical boards require a doc have a relationship with anyone they treat, records & sometimes exam and vital signs. Failure to do so can result in loss or restriction of license. You are welcome to ask health questions on this site. .
Try our other forum. HealthTap PRIME doctors see you via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. They can see photos you upload, or you can send images during a consultation. PRIME can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and there is a fee. Prime's fee does not change with regard to whether or not a doctor thinks a patient should be given a prescription without an in-person exam. There are additional limits to prescribing.
Prescription Refills. You made this post on the health education portion of HealthTap where doctors answer questions & provide information. Consider HealthTap Prime.