What is a high sugar for a 16 year old weighing 200 pounds?

Blood sugar. Blood sugar (a test for diabetes) can be measured at various times. A fasting blood sugar should be less than 100 mg/dl, and a blood sugar taken randomly should not exceed 200 mg/dl. Blood sugar 2 hours after a meal should be less than 140. If you think you have high blood sugar, you should see your doctor for a blood draw.
Anything over 99. Fasting blood sugar should be between 65-99. Diabetes can be dignosed for levels over 125. Levels between 100-125 are considered abnormal, but may not indicate diabetes. This condition is referred to as pre-diabetes to help people understand that they are very likely to develop diabetes if their weight, diet, and exercise habits don't improve.
Same. Fasting sugar should be < 100. Blood sugar 2 hours after meals should be < 140. If you're worried, see your doctor for a blood draw. You can't diagnose sugar problems without blood draw.