Hi Doc, I believe I have a STD. Where can I get tested or full screening for STDs. I did full blood tests last week and all checked out. This however didn’t include STDs except for HIV. Can any GP test and diagnose me or I have to pay for lab tests?

Planned parenthood. If you have access to a doctor she/he can order the right tests. If you do not have insurance or access to a doctor, you may visit the planned parenthood clinic in your area.
Have a healthy diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, have safe sex, and get HPV vaccine. Wish you good health!
Nutrition: http://www.choosemyplate.gov/.
No. An STD screen is a lab test.Your GP cant do it.Yes ,you will have to pay for it.You still have to be seen if you beleive you have an STD.
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