How tremors (shivring of hands, while grabbing something)can be cured?

Depends. Agree with dr. Azimi. Many things can cause tremor (drug, drug side effects, benign tremor, parkinson...). Successful treatment depends on the cause. Please see your doctor to figure out the cause so you can be treated accordingly.
Depends on cause. Might want your family doctor to look into it, and decide if you need a neurologist. It can be caused by many things, and the treatment depends on the cause. If many family members have it too, it can be an 'essential tremor, ' and while i is not curable, meds can reduce symptoms.
Get thyroid checked. Too much thyroid hormone can cause tremors. It can also cause the heart to race or pound, someone to feel hot all the time, and be jittery or irritable. Your doctor can check labs to see if this is the problem.