How would doctors recommend I treat painful headaches or migraines?

Get checked. If your headaches do not respond to pain medicines like tylenol (acetaminophen) or motrin, then it would be good to get checked out by a doctor. You may also want to maintain a headache diary when you have a headache. In this you should write down anything you ate in the hours before the headache started, or how much sleep you got the night before or anything else that stands out and look for patterns.
Need to take right m. Right medicines will get rid of migraine headaches.They are called triptans but you will need to get a prescription from your doctor or go seee a neurologist./headache specialist in a headache clinic.
Vague. Need much more information- duration, location, cause, severity. If in doubt and if it has lasted for awhile, i would see a doctor and provide a thorough history and get a thorough exam.