Is it possible to do liposuction under sedation without general anesthesia? How uncomfortable will it be?

Comfortable. Beside is 2012, and we have safe a lot of general safe anesthesia, liposuction is comfortable and safe under local anesthesia, of course all depends of areas, patient desire, timeout, and general medical conditions. If you are locking for very small areas you can go for velashape treatment, and or lipodisolve. More info go to www. Clearimagemiami. Com.
Depends on how much? Small areas of liposuction can be treated under sedation with a moderate amount of discomfort during the local anesthetic infiltration. Larger areas are best done under general anesthesia or regional block.
It is possible. Lipo can be performed without general anesthesia. How uncomfortable it is depends on the type of liposuction. Few can be performed with only local anesthesia (no sedation/no sleeping). Some can be performed with light sedation (twilight), and some would be best off with heavy sedation or general anesthesia.
Yes. Liposuctionunder sedation is a safe procedure. When properly administered, the patient will be comfortable during the procedure and will likely not recall the procedure itself.
Liposuction. Yes, depends the lipo, we are using local tumescent anesthesia, no general anesthesia, the local is only over the areas will be treated.
Maybe. It is technically possible to do liposuction under sedation, but it would need to be very heavy sedation as liposuction can be quite uncomfortable. At that point, general anesthesia might be safer, depending on your medical history and airway. Either way, depending on the kind of liposuction being done, you want someone monitoring you for any complications of the procedure.
Yes. Depending on the area involved and personal anxiety a deeper anesthetic may be more appropriate, but local with sedation can be an excellent choice in the right circumstance.
Depends. This depends both on your plastic surgeon, as well as the amount and location of the procedure. Some areas will require general anesthesia, whereas other will just require sedation. Talk to your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist and work out the best plan for you.
LIpo with IV anesth. Liposuction is performed by many plastic surgeons under IV or twilight anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. I actually perform all of my liposuction cases under twilight IV anesthesia. Patients experience much less post operative nausea and wake up from surgery much faster. It eliminates the pulmonary risks associated with general anesthesia. Dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore, maryland.
Yes. Tumescent liposuction is safe and effective when done under local anesthesia. In fact, it is much safer to be done under local anesthesia than general anesthesia. Patients are very comfortable with mild sedation with liposuction done with local anesthesia. The surgeon has to be more gentle and less aggressive when the patient is awake however. Fat is easier to remove using smartlipo (laser lipo).
Yes! Laser assisted liposuction techniques such as smartlipo® has revolutionized liposuction. The laser melts the fat and cauterizes the blood vessels making it much easier and safer with better results and no general anesthesia. My patients are awake, talking and report very minimal discomfort during the procedure.
Possible but not fun. It depends on the area. I do small volumes all the time under local, but larger areas require heavy sedation or general anesthesia. It is often safer to do it under a general anesthesia than to try to sedate you into being comfortable enough to do the procedure.
Lipo under local. It's possible to do liposuction under sedation but it is uncomfortable and not necessary in 2012! anesthetics are very safe and make the total experience much more comfortable. For more information, look at http://ocps. Com/procedures/liposuction.
Yes. I do a lot of my liposuction on patients in this manner. Conscious sedation is a way to go if you dont have too much fat to remove and as long as its a couple hour procedure. For more elaborate liposuction it will be safer to do it under general anesthesia. I do increase the numbing medication in the liposuction fluid for better pain relief during the procedure. You will have post op discomfort.
Yes it is. Many patients have liposuction under local anesthesia with either oral or IV sedation. Some areas are more difficult to get numb than others. If you get the area numbed up well it is very tolerable although the numbing process can be a bit uncomfortable.