I have a 8mm 80% tear in my right rotator cuff. I have constant pain in my shoulder and pain runs down my arm unto my hands. My ortho says no surgery.?

Depends on Symptoms. It is not unusual to see high grade partial thickness tears of the rotator cuff on MRI in individuals over 45. Corticosteroid injections or anti inflammatory medications to reduce pain and physical therapy to improve the muscles of the rotator cuff and scapula (shoulder blade) often help to reduce symptoms. If this fails to resolve pain or results are only temporary then yes surgical mgt will help.
Depends on symptoms. Partial tears often respond well to conservative care such as injections and physical therapy. Partial thickness tears that do not improve with conservative care generally are treated with arthroscopic debridement of the tear, or rotator cuff repair depending on tear thickness. Pain into the hand may be from a neck problem and not the shoulder. It is always ok to get a second opinion.
Second opinion. Some tears are to big to repair and if we try anf fail you get more pain and failed surgery scar tissue ther emay be a good reason he said no he didnt thinkl he could help.