Hallo Is it ok to eat sushi from a reputable restaurant.

Depends. In the hands of a reputable chef this is quite a delicacy. The Japanese have thrived on it as one of many native foods for hundreds of generations. I would be cautious around those who purport to know how to prepare it if they are not trained in the practice. I also avoid boxed sushi in any box store, regardless of their past reputation. .
Raw fish? A person can eat sushi, but it is safer to eat other foods instead of sushi. One reason is the mercury in fish. A person who eats more than 2 servings of fish a week may be taking in more mercury. A second reason is that sushi ususally has uncooked seafood in it. Uncooked seafood can contain live viruses, bacteria, and parasites (larvae, worms); but fully cooking foods usually kills those things.