Would double d breast implants be to painful on a 5 foot 3 and 145 lb. Woman?

Try to keep things. In proportion! better to keep proportionately sized. I have many women who come to me because of back neck and shoulder pain from the weight of large breasts. The last thing you want to do is cause this problem with surgery.
Yes. While they may not hurt now, it's likely that you will need multiple surgeries over the course of your life with implants that large. Implants stretch the breast tissue and skin, and it's unlikely that you have enough soft tissue on your chest to provide durable coverage to an implant that large.
Pain not the problem. Pain is not the main concern when selecting a breast implant size. The pain resolves with time. Placing too large an implant can cause stretch marks, back pain, and subsequent breast drooping. It is important to choose an implant that fits you breast width. Implants with extra projection can be used if your chest is narrow.
Maybe... We don't really use abcs (abacavir) for breast size. All bra companies are different. Large implants on a small woman could cause neck and back pain, but this isn't common. Extremely large implants on a small short frame will lead to longterm issues including ptosis and cosmetic deformity that can only be corrected by revision surgeries. Downsizing is very difficult.
The wrong question.. Ideally, breast implants should result in a proportional size, setting the width of the upper trunk as the hips set the width of the lower trunk. All the complications associated with breast implants increase in frequency when one tries to cram an implant into a patient with insufficient soft tissue to cover it. By doing so you are asking for trouble; implants should not be painful!
Certainly at first. Yes very likely at first especially if under the muscle but pain medications would be prescribed for the early postoperative period. That is not the real problem, the concerns would be more long term with greater risks of tissue thinning, bottoming out, nerve injury, etc. Discuss these risks with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Probably. Usually up to about a c cup, we don't see any problems with back, neck, or shoulder pain. As you go up from there, the risk increases.
Yes. If put under the muscle. There's no such thing as a "dd" implant. They come in metric sizes , 90-800ml or cc. 250ml appproximately = one cup so if you're a b to start & you put in 500's you'll be about a d, but there's no guarantee of that. Ps: dd sounds a little big for a 5'3" gal.
Maybe. As breast become larger than a c-cup, your chances of having symptoms like breast, back, neck and shoulder pain increase. This does not mean it will necessarily happen, as even good rules have exceptions.
Probably not... The volume of an implant needed to change you from your present size to a dd depends on what natural breast volume you are starting with. The prosthesis may not need to be as large as you think. In my experience, complaints of discomfort following an augmentation to a dd size has been exceedingly rare. Since the muscle supports the prosthesis, the dynamics are different than in a natural dd.
Maybe. Aside from pain, there would be increased risk of implant exposure, nipple ptosis, implant rippling, etc. More important than final size is the change in size. Less risk to go from d to dd than from a to dd.
PROPORTIONS. You can put many sizes in almost any woman, so it comes down to what you as the patient want, what you find attractive, and what is possible based on the dimensions of your chest and amount of breast tissue you have. Pain is not so much the issue here as what will look good.
Be reasonable. Kristy - you can only go as large as your skin envelope allows you to go. But going too large drastically increases your chance of developing contractures and other complications. Check out http://ocps.Com/procedures/breast-augmentation.