Went to the ER with chest pain heart attack ruled out but high ck level of 2500 no meds to cause this but had hip surgery 3 months ago any ideas?

Many possibilities. Thepossibilities the differential diagnosis of elevated CPK is relatively narrow: muscle injury of any kind or one of the macro-ck syndromes. First i would recommend a muscle aldolase test, if abnormal something is causing ongoing muscle injury -drugs, autoimmune myositis, etc if normal, than i would do a CPK electrophoresis to determine if macro ck is present.
Need follow up. While surgery can cause elevated CPK it is not likely to be persistent after 3 months. If you had a fall recently or perform any vigorous exercise it could elevate the cpk. Also certain medication such as statins elevate the cpk. It is especially concerning if you have muscle ache, tenderness or weakness. Please talk to your doctor. You will also need follow up levels.