How long can I have to take off of work after breast augmentation surgery?

4-5 days. My patients typically go back to work 4-5 days after breast augmentation. However, this is also dependent on the size of your augmentation and the type of job that you perform.
Quick Recovery. The discomfort from breast augmentation is dependent on the size of the implant you desire. Larger implants...More discomfort...Longer recovery. On average, you should be able to get back to work within a few days (or even quicker with small implants). Six weeks before strenuous exercises.
Few Days Off. Most patients can return to normal daily light activities after 2-3 days. Driving and a low physically active job can be resumed within 2-3 days. We recommend no heavy lifting or upper body exercise for 4 weeks. A supportive sports bra is necessary for 4-5 weeks. Our patients rarely need more than 4 days off from work.
Time off BA. I recommended waiting about 3 weeks before starting aerobic activities, and light activities can be resumed as tolerated. Drains are usually removed in 7 to 12 days. It depends on what type of work you do how soon you can return. Taking around a week off for comfort.
Depends on work type. On average, I ask patients to take off 1 week after breast augmentation surgery (desk job). For some professions, I may suggest a going back to work with a lighter workload initially. I ask patients to stay way from heavy lifting for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.
Depends. Depends on what you do for a living... Deskwork should be ok 3 days later. Light activity work (filing, driving, etc..) about a week. Physical activity will require approximately 2 weeks. Make sure you tell your surgeons what type of duties you have at work so you know exactly how much time off you will need.
3-10 Ds vs JOB TYPE? The answer will depend on the techniques (silicone vs saline vs fat) as well as placement (over or under the muscle) as well as surgeons activity preference and your job description (desk vs physical labor).