I just had a baby, when am I allowed to drink again?

Baby is the true joy. Many new parents find no time or need to drink alcohol or even to resume a busy social schedule when they have a newborn. In addition, some worry if they drink they might not be alert enough to hear or to respond adequately and quickly enough in case of a problem with the baby. Perhaps asking the pediatrician when/if it is appropriate is as important as asking the OB provider about such substances.
Breasfeeding? If you are not breastfeeding or taking pain medication then there are no restrictions after delivery.
Alcohol after a baby. If you are nursing your baby, you should be very careful. You need to wait at least four hours after one glass of wine before you nurse your baby again. If you are supposed to be pumping/nursing during that time, pump and dump and feed your baby other previously pumped milk. They also make test strips to test your milk for alcohol so you know for sure. No drinking on any pain medicines!
New baby and drinkin. As long as you are nit breastfeeding you may drink ( in moderation of course ) if you are breastfeeding you should not drink at all.