Can someone die from sever iron deficiency/anemia? Specifically in the case if an eating disorder?

Absolutely. Severe anemia from any cause can throw you into congestive heart failure and then pneumonia. Iron deficiency has many causes, including fad / politically correct diets, but also bleeding from some source that will need to be discovered. And being anemic is miserable in itself, preventing you from working and playing to capacity.
Probably. Anemia of any kind can be life-threatening. In eating disorders, diets can become deficient in any number of vitamins and nutrients, iron included. The problem in anemia is that your body can't deliver enough oxygen to your brain and other parts. Ultimately, this can be fatal. Be careful and consult your physician if you have questions.

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Some people with iron deficiency anemia crave and chew ice so much. Why is that?

I am not sure. We know exactly. It is known as pica. The ice is common in the north. In the south some people eat clay soil and or corn starch. Read more...

What will happen if someone with iron deficiency anemia lets their iron level get extremely low?

Low blood counts. In most people, iron is "lost" very slowly over time. In some patients, iron levels drop, due to bleeding, menstruation, or lack of absorption. In that case, anemia can soon follow, unless iron supplements are given. Pica is another consequence of low iron. Pica is the craving of inedible substances, such as ice or dirt. Read more...