How to tell if I have a heart attack cause I got anxiety tachycardia palpitations?

Very unlikely at. Your young age unless there were other major comirbidities.
Possible. Superimposed on other risks anxiety may lead to some increased pulse rate, but not usually irregularities look at american heart " simple seven" and get yourself a plan! To be healthy.

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Can anxiety induced palpitations cause a fatal heart attack? 26 years old. No known heart issues. I am an on/off smoker though and slightly overweight

Anxiety. Just anxiety alone without any high blood pressure or tachycardia probably will not pus you at risk. However, you smoke and are overweight both of these put you at a greater risk.

Heart palpitations (pvcs and pacs on 24-hour monitor). On ritalin (methylphenidate) (40mg). Doctors say it's anxiety. Should I worry about sudden death or heart attack?

No, but feels like it. No, I wouldn't go that far however, it is a scary feeling. It will help if you stop Ritalin (methylphenidate) and see if the palpitations stabilizes. A benign condition can cause pvc's as well called mitral valve prolapse.
Not necessarily. It depends on the degree of arrhythmia, how many and how many in a row mostly. If the doctor says it is nothing, I presume it is read as none in a row and he is mostly right. Try to relax and if the medicine, you can tell is causing the problem, discuss it with your doctor for alternatives.
Cardiac. Need to see some of your results, holter, echo etc. To consult me : healthtap. Com/volkantuzcu.

Does ist (inappropriate sinus tachycardia) cause heart attack symptoms?

Unlikely. Sinus tachycardia is normal with exercize, activities, excitement, and common with fever and illnesses. In the face of coronary disease, a fast heart beat can increase demand and precipitate events.

What are the causes of heart palpitations and can they lead to a heart attack?

Many. Heart palpitations can be caused by structural heart disease, ischemia (occluded coronary vessels), electrolyte imbalances, drugs - pharmacologic and recreational, and many other things. Depending on what exactly the palpitations are and how severe, some can definitely lead to a heart attack.