Can you catch the flu from someone who just had the flu shot?

Not usually. The're two kinds of flu vaccines. One is a weakened live virus vaccine given in a nasal form (nasal shot). There is a mild risk of getting the flu from someone who had a nasal flu shot, especially if those around have poor immune system. The other vaccine is made from particles of a dead virus. It is commonly given as a shot into the muscle. One and others around cannot get the flu from this.
No. You can not be infected at all if they received a flu shot. This is also true of the live attenuated intranasal vaccine unless you are immuncompromised.

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Is it possible for me to catch the flu from someone who got a flu shot?

NO YOU CAN NOT. No you can not catch flu from some one who had a flu shot.
Maybe. There are different types if flu vaccine. The ones given with needles. (shots) are made of inactivated flu peices. These cannot produce disease therefore could not get you sick. Flumist is a nasal spray vaccine that contains live virus capable of spreading and causing you (or others) to rarely get sick as well.

What happens if I get a flu shot can my wife catch the flu?

No. The flu shot vaccine is not a live virus. You can not get the flu, nor transmit the flu to someone else from the shot.

There are over 200 strains of the influenza virus. How many of those does the flu shot prevent?

2014 – 2015 Flu Shot. Trivalent works against 3 influenza viruses – Influenza A viruses (H3N2 & H1N1) & 1 influenza B virus. Quadrivalent & the live attenuated Influenza vaccine work against these & a second influenza B virus.

Had flu shot in mid november -- tested positive for influenza a after a very mild illness. How did I get the flu? Am 22 weeks pregnant.

Partially effective. The fact that the illness was mild reflects that the vaccine was not completely ineffective. The flu virus adapts year to year and the vaccine is modified to account for this, some years more effectively than others.
Aprox 80% effective. First the flu shot takes 3 weeks to build full immunity so next year take it late october this way when the season starts (nov in the ne) you are ready. Influenza affects about 20% of the population an the vaccine gives about 80% immunity if correctly paired to the current strain. In your case you did get flu but had some immunity since it was mild. Stay hydrated!

My 22mo had his flu shot. Now, I have the flu. I didn't get a shot. How much risk is there that he can still catch it from me?

Depends. The flu shot provides protection from 3 strains of flu per season, those judged as most likely to circulate in a season. There are other strains that may circulate & routine office tests will not identify which strain u have. Providing your 22 mo with some tamiflu (oseltamivir) might be reasonable. If vaccinated> 2wks ago he may have some protection, but close prolonged exposure might overcome it.
Depends on strain. It all depends on which strain you have and if that is included in the flu vaccine. Also, it depends on how long ago your child had the vaccine; if it has been over 2 weeks, he should have a reasonable amount of immunity to the strains covered. I would advise religious hand washing and covering of your mouth around him until you have broken your fever for > 24 hours.

My daugter just had the flu shot and now has a rash....Small red dots all over body?

This can be normal. If the child is acting normal and feels well, this could be a post viral exanthem. This is a rash that starts in the middle of the torso, abdomen, even the neck and spreads to the rest of the body. Your physician needs to see it to make sure. But if your child is afebrile and looking good, this would be likley.

I got the flu shot 9 days ago and came within 6ft of someone who had the flu and was coughing. Am I protected enough at this point?

Flu. The best protection from the flu is getting immunized, avoiding sick people, hand-washing, getting adequate rest and fluids. If you have a healthy immune system, you should be protected.

Can the flu shot cause the flu?

No. No. The virus in the vaccine is not a live virus and cannot cause the flu.
No- it activates.... The flu shot causes an immune response that is similar but less intense reaction compared to the real flu (fever, mild myalgias, arthralgias). This is expected and should not deter you from getting the flu shot because the reaction is reassuring you that your immune system will be strong enough in the future to create an immune response against the real flu virus.