I've taken a whole month of birth control and still haven't gotten my period. I just started a new month and my pregnancy tests came out neg. Pregnant?

Depends on brand. Some of the newer low dose birth control pills have a nice side effect of giving patients light to minimal periods. If your pregnancy test is negative then I would discuss with your doctor if this continues over the next couple of cycles. Also check your brand of pills and you can ask your doctor if this is a brand that has this side effect.
Do not worry. Many women have very light periods on birth control pills. Sometimes the period does not occur at all, as long as you take your pill every day you don't have to worry about pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you are still concerned.

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Lighter than normal period for 2mths in row, but on time, neg pregnancy tests, and on birth control? Why is it lighter? Use to heavier flow? Reasons?

Rule out pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, keep a menstrual calendar. Lighter menses is a benefit of oral contraceptives as it keeps the liner of the uterus thin. The thinner the endometrium the lighter your flow.
Rarely Do Women..... Complain about a lighter flow. You are on birth control. The periods will be lighter and hopefully less bothersome and you will be protected against unwanted pregnancy. It sounds like a win win situation.

I missed some of my birth control oils and had a very light unusual period I took 2 pregnancy tests and both showed negative. Can I still be pregnant?

Yes. Missing several birth control pills, especially early in the pack, does decrease the effectiveness of the pills. The urine pregnancy tests may not be positive until you have been pregnant for a while (could be up to 2 weeks). While the light bleeding is most likely due to missing the pills (withdrawl bleeding), you could be pregnant. When in doubt see your gyn and have a blood pregnancy test done.
Yes. Yes, pregnancy tests commonly cause false negatives in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Sensitivity of these tests varies. You should closely follow package instructions about accuracy of the tests in relation to days since your last menstrual period.

Femulen take birth control pills for two years I had irregular periods, this month did not show up at all, I did two pregnancy tests and they were neg?

Probably normal. Minimal or no periods on birth control pills is one of the beneficial side effects. If it bothers you (it does for some women) then a different formulation pill should give you regular periods.

I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago I am not on birth control but I took plan B the next day. It also happened the first day of my period. I have had flu like symptoms and still no period. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came out negative. Am I

Not likely. If you did the test correctly and it was negative at more than three weeks after sex, you are unlikely to be pregnant. Plan B can upset the normal rhythm of periods. You should repeat the test in 4-5days. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions for the test carefully. If you do not wish to be pregnant, use contraception all the time, every time. You may consider implanted contraceptive, or IUD. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine.

On 1st month of birth control. Constantly nauseous. 3 negative pregnancy tests all after missed period. Pregnant or BC making me feel awful?

? test? You stated you had missed a period - have you had it yet? If not, then you may be pregnant and suggest a blood test to check for pregnancy. If you have finally had a period before you started the pack of pills, then you are not pregnant and it is just the pills causing the side effects. If it persists past the first pack, may need a dose /type change - call prescribing doctor.