What other treatments are available or effective for postherpetic neuralgia if lyrica and gabapentin isn't helping? It has been about three months since my mom had shingles outbreak. We have tried lidocaine and different oil/cream remedies. Thanks

Homeopathy,electric: When conventional therapies don't help alternative ones often do. Homeopathy can be very effective; I've had good success treating this with it, but best to see a homeopath as treatment is individualized.
Frequency-specific micro-current can also help a lot; see
Acupuncture is also often effective. The odds are good at least one of these can really help. Good luck!
Excellent medication. so far; however, post herpetic neuralgia is difficult to treat. Addition of very low dose antidepressants ( amitriptyline (12.5-25 mg) or short 6-12 day course of tapered steroids (dosepack of Medrol). At best, this is a difficult therapeutic issue. Please call your treating physician.