Is gensing good choice to gain weight, knowing that im on a "zoloft" treatment. Thank u?

Body Image? Take a moment to think about your body image. Is your body mass index really low? In addition, if you lost weight due to a depression, it should increase again once the depression is adequately treated. You may fare better with a focus on wellness than on any exact number in terms of weight. A consultation with a nutritionist may be valuable.
Consider Paxil (paroxetine) I would not expect significant weight gain from ginseng, but if you are taking zoloft (sertraline), consider changing to Paxil (paroxetine). They work the same way, blocking reuptake of serotonin, but the side effects are different; paroxetine causes about 15 lbs weight gain in most people. Paroxetine is also sedating, so you might choose to take it at night.