I am suffering from continuous hairfall. Due to which there is front baldness in me can I go for hair transplant or is there any remedy to cute yhee?

Hair transplant. The best treatment for a receding hairline in men involves transplantation of hair from the back of the head to the area of hair loss. The hair from the back regions of the head are genetically designed to remain in place despite hormonal changes. Transplantation can be completed by strip harvest of by [fue] follicular unit extraction. Transplantation is completed most naturally as single hairs.
Combination. The first step should be to see an experienced hair loss specialist. I would probably recommend a combination approach. Medical treatment to help stop the hair loss, and a transplant to help restore the lost hair. Prp (protein rich plasma) is a new treatment that may restore some of the lost hair.
Go to your doctor. There several options for you. I would discuss those and come up with the best plan for you..