What should I do about vericose veins

Varicose veins. Varicose veins is a term that is used by patients and physician to cover a wide variety of vein problems. From spider veins to ropy veins to frank venous aneurysm. Physician examination to include focused ultrasound review of the veins is key. Ultrasound review must include review of venous flow patterns looking for venous reflux or backward venous flow. Treatment is then based on findings.
Varicose veins. If you are on your feet alot, wear compressive stockings, they really help, with alleviating discomfort.
Varicose veins. Dilated veins in your legs, from incompetence of the valves that preven the blood from baking of. Also veins in the oesophagus that are related to increase in pressure of yor portal venous system, frequently related to cirrhosis of the liver.
Yes. Varicose veins is a benign condition affecting primarily women but also some men. There is no cure and it usually progresses with time. Accepted treatments include - compression stockings and vein stripping surgery. Other things that may be helpful - reduce time spent on your feet, take Aspirin to prevent clots, elevate feet whenever possible to minimize swelling. Horse chestnut is modest help.
Well, I do not agree that varicose veins is an umbrella for a variety of conditions. Varicose veins are only in the legs being distended, bulging, with reversed flow from above down do to leaky valves. Spider veins or other veins are not varicose veins. Period. Physician use that definition to possibly mislead insurance companies to be reimbursed and will call spider veins.... Varicose.