13mm gall bladder stone. No pain. 55yrs. How to deal?

Wait and see. The presence of gallstones in the absence of symptoms does not warrant gallbladder surgery. In fact, most people with "silent" gallstones will never develop symptoms, as high as 75% of the time. I advise my patients to be familiar with the symptoms of gallbladder disease and return if these develop. While surgery is safe and easy, it is not risk-free; in this situation , doing nothing is safest.
Your choice. Gallstones are like a time bomb. They may not hurt today, yet tomorrow the pain may be through the roof and not only that but jaundice, pancreatitis and even deaths occur when they start moving and traveling via the bile ducts. I am not necessarily suggesting removing your gallbladder (although, it really doesn't function well any longer), but you want to closely watch yourself. If you start havin.

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What exactly does it mean to have a gall bladder stone?

Gallstone. A common condition of stones forming in the gallbladder. Can be observed if causing no problems. If causing upper abdominal discomforts with nausea or vomiting can have laparoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder. Read more...