My wife is 2 months pregnant. And right now she is constipated and haven't had any bowel movements for a week now... What should she do?

Constipation. Common in pregnancy, mat be hormonal, certainly can be diet related. Prenatal vitamins can be constipating (iron and calcium major culprits). Add fluids, fiber foods, e.g. Beans, whole frains, fruits, veggies.; stay active, drink lots of fluids. Sugarless gum has sorbitol (natural, poorly absorbed) can give looser stools (with gas) talk to ob; may benefit from stool softener, or magnesium supp.
Constipation. Constipation frequently occurs during pregnancy. Besides prunes, one can use lactulose for constipation. Fiber especially fruit type fiber, raisins, grapes are good to eat. If these remedies do not work, you should see your OB gyn or a gastroenterologist.