I'm male I have anal warts and the doctor remove them. Can I get pap smear test to detect the type of hpv? Please help

See your doc. This is a US based general medical information site. We have no information on what medical services are available at locations around the world where the site is seen. There is no "pap" smear on a male before or after wart removal. This question or something similar has been asked multiple times over the past week. You need to contact a doc locally and ask if what you seek is available locally.
Pap not needed. HPV type testing may or may not be available where you, but the type(s) of HPV (often more than one type at once) causing anal warts are not very important. All men with anal warts need periodic reexamination to check for cancer and perhaps to remove additional growths. FYI, anal warts are common in heterosexuals, definitely not limited to men who have received anal sex.