How do you know if you have ocd?

Irrational. In addition to the answer above, i would add that people with OCD know that their obsessions and subsequent compulsions are irrational, yet they cannot stop. Compulsions are performed to stop or satisfy obsessions and serve no useful purpose. Rather, it is debilitating.
You don't function . Everyone has some obsessions, and some basic rituals. Keeping your kitchen sink empty, brushing your teeth regularly are a few examples that are healthy. Those keep roaches out of your kitchen and keep you from having to get your teeth drilled. Obsessive compulsive disorder exists when the rituals take over your life and you don't have time for other things, like relationships.

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OCD. Ocd is an anxiety disorder characterized by obsessive thoughts that reoccur & consume daily functioning, along with compulsive rituals which are repeated acts that also interfere with daily functioning. Read more...

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OCD. Please see a therapist who specializes in OCD. He/she will help w/diagnosis and treatment. Medication alone is not the entire answer. An old but good book about OCD is called "The Boy who Couldn't stop Washing" by Rappaport. It might be helpful. Peace and good health. Read more...