What is the remedy for a lower back pain?

Back pain. may be related to the chair you use at work or other lifestyle issues. Please start w/a visit to your doctor. He/she MAY refer you to physical therapy where you can learn some exercises after a diagnosis. Also search the work of John Sarno, MD on the net. Peace and good health. .
Rest, mainly. however it depends on type of pain and it's cause, have enough rest when pain erupts, avoid lifting heavy objects or sitting for long periods, keep your back straight as much as you can, especially when lifting or or picking from ground level, NSAIDS as needed, unless contraindicated, walking and swimming too. If no improvement see your doctor for possible referral to a spine specialist, good luck.
Airrosti. If the pain is in the muscles or the fascia (fibrous tissue around the muscles) not from a bony injury or nerve problem, the Airrosti providers are incredible at fixing MANY causes of pain in just a few visits. .